Handmade Canoe Paddles

Handmade Paddles are an object of beauty and will provide you with a lifetime of service.  Our two standard paddle models have been passed on to us by Alexandra Conover-Bennett, a Maine canoe guide and exceptional crafts-woman of over 30 years experience using paddles in the wilderness.  We are very proud to be able to reproduce these excellent paddle designs for you.  We can also make any other specific paddle designs.


Our paddles are made in Ash as standard, being the UK's superior paddle wood for its strength, flexibility and lightness.  Other woods and designs are available on request. All paddles are made bespoke - please contact us to place an order. 

Guide Paddle

The 'Guide' paddle is traditionally a long paddle used to navigate shallow waterways.  Excelling in versatility, this paddle has a wide and long blade for river work, and can be shortened by holding lower down the staged grip.  It is our choice for the majority of UK paddling conditions.

Customised Paddles

We are please to be able to offer customised paddles with your choice of artwork.  Talented artist Hannah Knight sketches designs in pencil and then burns them into the surface of the paddle using pyrography.  The result is a beautifully unique paddle with etched artwork which will last the lifetime of the paddle.  Simply beautiful...



Please contact us to discuss your design requests and for information on prices. 

Algonquin Paddle

The 'Algonquin' paddle is a shorter, narrower paddle ideal for deeper water conditions.  It is perfectly suited to loch paddling and deeper river conditions.  We always carry this paddle as our additional paddle on trips.  This paddle design has a long heritage and has been passed on to us via Alexandra, who was given it by Canadian canoeing legend Omer Stringer.