We currently offer two models of traditional wood and canvas canoes.  Our canoes are made using the finest materials - boat grade western red cedar ribs and planking, hardwood trim, 10oz cotton duck sheathing and and brass and bronze fixings throughout.  Seats are hand-caned.  We import many specialist materials from the USA to build our boats with; simply because they're the best.


Customers have various choices during construction which enables a boat designed and made just for you.  Please contact us for details and ordering. 


(17 1/2 ft)

The Atkinson Traveler 17 1/2 ft canoe, designed by Rollin Thurlow of the Northwoods Canoe Co., is modelled after the famous guide canoes of New England, renowned for their capability in true wilderness. The Traveller boasts a generous carrying capacity, a handsome yet relatively low profile, a fine entry for speed yet ample buoyancy in the quarters and amidships. The modest rocker allows quick manoeuvring in rapids while the overall length makes straight tracking on the lakes possible even without the addition of a keel.



~ Length......... 17 1/2 ft.

~ Depth.......... 13"

~ Beam........... 35 5/8"

~ Bow Height..... 24 3/8"

~ Weight......... 75 lbs.



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Atkinson Traveller
Sheer Lines of Atkinson Traveller
Atkinson Traveller
Wilderness Paddling
Atkinson Traveller Wood and Canvas Canoe
Hand-caned seats
Wooden Canoe
Wood and Canvas Canoe
Atkinson Traveller
Poling the shallows
Cedar Canvas Canoe
cheemaun 6_edited.JPG
Cedar Canvas Canoe
Wood and canvas canoe
Wooden Canoe
Cheemaun Wood and Canvas Canoe
15ft Canoe_edited
cheemaun 2_edited.jpg
Cheemaun canoe wilderness_edited
cheeman 5_edited.JPG
Wood and Canvas Canoes Cheemaun.jpg
cheemaun 4_edited.JPG


The Cheemaun 15ft canoe is an excellent solo canoe or tandem short-tripping canoe. It boasts superb buoyancy and space for equipment and it's relatively flat bottom allows for good tracking yet responsive manoeuvrability.  Popular options include a single seat and sailing thwart.  Designed by Rolin Thurlow of the Northwoods Canoe co, Atkinson, Maine. 



~Length......... 15 ft

~Depth.......... 12"

~Beam........... 35"

~Bow Height..... 20 1/2"

~Weight......... 62 lbs.



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